Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
...and you don't have to fly to Mexico to find it.
What is sea glass?  
Sea glass can only be found on beaches near salt water shipping/boating lanes.  (Beach glass can be found in fresh or salt water.) These are smooth, frosted pieces of glass.  They have tumbled in the ocean for about 30 years to look the way they do.  That is how long it takes to become smooth.  This glass (originally trash!) is highly valued by jewelry makers and can be very expensive for just one piece.  Usually the more rounded the edges and rounder the glass the more value it has.  The reason that it is so valued is that first you have to get to the ocean then you have to be in an area where there are ships or boats. This means you usually have to fly somewhere and stay in a hotel. The glass has to have tumbled in the sand for almost thirty years. You have to walk up and down the beach for days at a time looking in the sand or sifting through the sand for smooth glass. Then if you make something out of the glass, such as ear rings, you find you have to have pieces that somewhat match too.  It is a lot of work to collect sea glass and it means bending over to pick up or dig up the glass.  It comes in many, many colors, some more rare than others.  

Playa de Oro and its sea glass.
Playa de Oro is a beach in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.  It is part of one of the world's largest ports.  That means...sea glass.  We bring it to you here so that you don't have to fly to Mexico to find it.

The pieces shown here were hand collected.  We do our best to match color and shape but no two pieces are alike and that is the beauty of it.  These pieces are all natural and unique.  None of it has been tumbled by human hands or machines.

When choosing pieces just let us know if you want them made into post ear rings or left plain.  We will sell them to you plain so that you can drill holes in them,  create a necklace out of them or add your own posts.

Not all of our sea glass has been posted.  If there are larger pieces in which you are interested, please send an email to or call us at 775-424-2548, Pacific time in Nevada.  Please do leave us a message if we are not in the studio.

Once you choose a piece, if you like, just tell us which one or ones you want or are interested in and we can email you a close-up photo of the piece or pieces you are considering.  

Pairs are shipped:

Choice 1)  US First Class Mail Parcel for $3.80 for up to 4 pairs. (Uninsured and non-traceable)  Sent in a padded cardboard shipping box.
            2) US Priority Mail 2-day Insured and traceable.  One to four pairs will be shipped for $12.42.  Sent in a padded cardboard shipping box
            All Shipping includes a boxing fee of $.48 and a small markup of 5%.

If you are ordering a clergy stole from our Art from the Soul website in addition to earrings, do not order errrings separately.  We will ship everything together to save you money on the shipping expense.

Sea glass sold as pairs for earrings are:
$25/pair for pieces 1" or larger (that are already shown in pairs) in any dimension.
$15/pair for pieces between 1/2" and up to just under 1" in any dimension.
$10/pair for pieces under 1/2.

Individual pieces larger than 1.5 inches will be prorated based on the above largest size and we will provide a special shipping quotation.

Because we are trying to match approximate color shades and sizes, the grade of sea glass may vary from jewelry grade A to craft grade B.  If this is of concern to you, please ask to see a close-up photo of the pieces in which you are interested and we will email photos to you and will place a ruler next to the pieces.  We have to go through a LOT of sea glass just to match up pairs.

Please request a quote and photo for larger pieces suitable for pendants.

More images will be coming:
As we return from periodic trips to Mexico, we will post more pieces.

Email us at or call us at 775-424-2548 to get your specific total.  Every order is different because we tailor your order to you and your needs.

We accept all major credit cards.  After we communicate with you about your wishes (call us at 775-424-2548), you will click the 'Buy Now" button where you will enter your total on our secure payment page on our fine arts web site, Art from the Soul HERE:   We will know it is you from your name and dollar amount.

After you enter the total which will include shipping on the left side make sure that you click the word "update" before entering your credit card information on the right. (It will say "Banners, Stoles and More" because this site is compatible with our fine art and clergy stole site.) Click on "Don't Have A Paypal Account" to pay via credit card as a guest.  You will receive an automatic acknowledgement.  When it comes through to us, we will also personally acknowledge it so that you will know that your payment has safely arrived.

Please provide your phone number to us via email at should there be any questions. If your ship to is different than your bill to, please let us know via email at

Some of our available pieces:
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Some of the Playa de Oro sea glass which we have collected. Scroll down for some of our available pieces.
Contact us in Nevada at 775-424-2548, Pacific time  or email us at

Some of our other stock is shown below.  We have pale blue, pale green, brown, frosted white, opaque white, dark green and very few bright frosted blue.  Just ask us and we will send close up photos.  775-424-2548 or
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Paler shades of blue
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Opaque white
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Paler shades of green
Playa de Oro Sea Glass
Bright blue
Not according to price schedule.  Call for a quote.